is easy and free to use.

To place an ad, simply go to the top right hand side and click on “Post an ad”
You then fill in the following fields:

Title: This is the name of what you are selling.
Category: Put you ad in the correct category and make it easy for people to find. Once you have selected a category, you will open up another field where you can put Price, Price Negotiable and Condition of what you are selling.
Location: If your location is not in the category list then click on the nearest town to you or use the “other” option. Then enter the name of your town or village.
Expire: Simply choose how long you want your ad to stay on the website from the drop-down options.
Description: You can add more information here about what you are selling. Things like age, condition, make etc.
Contact: Enter your contact details here. This can be your tel no, e-mail address or you can even post a link to your Facebook profile here.
Add image: You have the option of adding an image of what you are selling here. Please note that the largest picture size you can upload is 2.5mb.

You then tick that you agree to the terms and conditions of the webpage and then SAVE your ad.

When you press “SAVE YOUR AD”, your ad is then added to webpage and another ad is automatically generated and placed into the Lanarkshire BuyandSell Facebook Group.
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You can search the Webpage classifieds by the Categories listed on the left hand side of the webpage. Click on your category and then your subcategory until you find the relevant section that you want.
Note: The categories section may not be relevant to what you’re selling. There is a miscellaneous section setup for this, however we are continually updating and improving this website and would appreciate any feedback that could help make things easier for you. You can contact us by clicking on the Contact Section of the webpage.

For all other enquiries please use the contact section of this page.

Thank You and Happy Buying and Selling.